How it Works

Your Beeline To Work


Complete Profile & Upload Resume

Get started in less than 2 minutes with a resume upload. Our profile creation process is simple and easy, but important to complete accurately as it represents your work experience and preferences.


Your Profile Will Now Be Seen by Big Companies

Your one profile will now be visible to the hiring managers at many of the world’s largest brands. No need to manage multiple job profiles across various systems and recruiters. Your one Beeline To Work profile is all you need.


Companies Invite You to Interview

Once your skills and experiences match a job from a hiring manager, the company will contact you to set up an interview.


You’re Hired

If you are offered the job, you will be contacted by the company to discuss next steps. If not, your profile remains active and visible for the next job opportunity that you match.


Get To Work & Get Paid

You will work directly with the hiring company according to their onboarding process. Payments to you will be seamless and follow the same protocols that the company has established.

In order to use other job boards and online work platforms, hiring managers must step outside of their company-sanctioned systems and processes and go to another website to find you. What chance do you have of being found if you are only accessible through an ‘exception’ process? Beeline To Work is different. We have unprecedented integrations with the actual source of the job opportunities. We put your job profile in front of the hiring managers in their natural habitat, before recruiters and online job boards ever get a chance.