Want access to Dallas contract jobs previously only available through recruiters?

We take the middle man out of landing contract opportunities with Fortune 1000 companies.

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How It Works

Beeline To Work is not a job board, it’s a free job network that directly connects you with work opportunities that match your skills, experience and work preferences.

This is Your Beeline to Work


Complete Profile & Upload Resume

Create your free profile by signing in via LinkedIn, Facebook or Gmail, then fill in some basic information and upload your most recent resume. Our profile creation process is simple and easy, but important to complete accurately as it represents your work experience and preferences.


Get Back To Your Life

Once you’re signed up, our algorithm goes to work finding only the best jobs for you based on your skills, location, and rate. No need to login and search through dozens of opportunities. When a contract opportunity is a match, we’ll send you a personal email invite to apply for the job. You review the role and decide whether or not you’d like your profile submitted for consideration.


Interview With Fortune 1000 Companies

Our parent company, Beeline, manages the contract job opportunities of some of the most prestigious and well known companies in the US. If a company likes your submitted profile, you will be invited to interview and learn more about the opportunity.


You’re Hired

If you’re the perfect match, the company will extend an offer following the interviews! If not, your profile remains active and visible for the next contract job opportunity that you match.